Four Things to Consider When Hiring a West Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

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When it comes to hiring an auto accident injury lawyer, there are several factors people should consider to ensure they make the right choice.

Motor vehicle collisions are all too common on the roadways throughout West Virginia, and often have devastating consequences for those involved. In fact, the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles reports an average of 345 deaths resulting from auto accidents through the past five years, and many more people suffered serious personal injury. To pursue financial compensation for their resulting losses, some who have experienced such situations may hire legal representation. In choosing an injury lawyer, however, there are several factors that people should consider.


When it comes to pursuing damages for injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions, there are a number of complexities involved. For example, state law specifies that the recovery of any personal injury awards be predicated on the percentages of fault assigned to each side. Therefore, when considering legal representatives, people may find it helpful to look into the types of cases their potential candidates generally handle. Researching attorneys before making their decision may help ensure they choose an experienced litigation attorney, who is well versed in navigating the procedures and statutes involved with car wreck injury or fatality claims.

Level of Comfort

Communication between people who are injured in car collisions and their attorneys is essential throughout the legal claims process. In addition to discussing their options and the progress of their cases, they may also have to tell their lawyers about what happened, their injuries and any specific issues they may have experienced as a result. Therefore, before choosing a legal representative, people may find it helpful to consult with the attorneys they are considering. This may help them assess if they feel comfortable with their candidates and will be able to work with them.

Reviews From Prior Clients

Even after sitting down with potential personal injury lawyers, it may be difficult for people to fully understand how they work. In reading the reviews of past clients or speaking with people who have previously used an attorney’s services, however, they may get a better picture of the approach each of their potential candidates use and what types of strategies they employ. Having this type of inside knowledge may help those seeking legal representation determine if their own styles, and those of the lawyers they are considering, mesh.

Fees and Billing Structure

The fees and billing structures may vary widely from one personal injury attorney to the next. Some may bill by the hour, others may require a retainer and some may work on a contingency basis. Until their cases are resolved, funds may sometimes be tight for those injured in motor vehicle collisions as they may be losing income while they are off work recovering and incurring undue expenses, such as medical bills associated with treating their injuries.

While they may be entitled to damages, the process of obtaining them is not always a cut and dry process for those injured in West Virginia auto accidents. Navigating the legalities may further complicate an already difficult time. Working with a personal injury lawyer, however, may help them understand their rights and determine how best to proceed given the unique circumstances of their cases.

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