What You Should Know About Work-Related Third-Party Injuries

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Charleston offers lucrative job opportunities to its residents. The construction industry, for example, provides a good living in exchange for hard work. Unfortunately, this industry also presents many hazards that threaten the physical wellbeing of its workers.

You cannot file a lawsuit against your employer when you suffer a severe work-related injury. However, you may qualify for a third-party injury claim instead, which can increase the total amount of compensation you end up receiving.

What is a third-party injury claim?

We will explain this by giving you an example. Say that you often use scaffolding to perform your construction tasks. One day, you are working atop the scaffold when it suddenly gives way. You fall three stories and suffer a devastating spinal cord injury. If the scaffolding contained a design or manufacturing defect, then you might be eligible to sue the manufacturer.

You will benefit from legal assistance when pursuing a third-party suit for your injuries. Some of these benefits include:

  • A thorough investigation and review of the equipment or materials manufacturer involved in your claim
  • An equally exhaustive analysis of the incident that resulted in your injury
  • Our law firm will guide you in navigating West Virginia civil court proceedings
  • Help in proving how negligence by the manufacturer or designer caused your injury

Many construction accidents result in fatal or catastrophic injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Severe injuries typically lead to overwhelming medical expenses that few people can afford. Increasing your compensation through a third-party lawsuit is the logical solution when you need medical care but cannot afford to pay for it out-of-pocket. An attorney can advise you of your eligibility to file a third-party claim in your case.

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