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Why Do Some Insurance Adjusters Lie After a Crash?

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After a crash, it’s crucial to remember that insurance adjusters work for large companies. They must work to protect profits, so they don’t want to pay out maximum compensation when they receive an accident claim. As a result, some insurance adjusters lie to claimants to avoid paying out as much compensation as they should.

It’s essential to understand why insurance adjusters may try to lie to claimants and how you can protect your rights after suffering injuries in a car accident. Our firm is here to help you understand what to look for and explain how to move forward with our team on your side.

Protect Profits

Insurance companies, unfortunately, often put profits over people. They don’t want you to have a lawyer. They also take advantage of your vulnerable state to offer a much lower settlement than you deserve, claiming that you may not receive more than that if you refuse their offer.

If you seek more compensation or go to trial in your personal injury case, it could cost insurance companies much more. Insurance companies challenge any actions that can take away from their bottom line.

The Friendly Act

Insurance companies may often tell you how they sympathize with what you’re feeling. They act friendly and explain ways they can help you without getting a lawyer involved. Remember, though, if insurance adjusters get you to believe what they say, they essentially protect their profits and pay you less than you deserve.

Insurance companies also believe if they are friendly enough, they can prevent you from hiring a lawyer. This is just one way they try to take advantage of your rights.

At Warner Law Offices, PLLC, our West Virginia car accident attorneys work to protect you from insurance adjusters and the companies for which they work. We’re committed to holding negligence accountable and taking on bullies who try to take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

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