Jennifer Lacy Staff
Jennifer Lacy Staff

Jennifer Lacy

Jennifer Lacy is an experienced professional who brings more than 20 years of legal and administrative experience to her role as office manager for Warner Law Offices. She joined the firm in 2005 and is the “go-to” person for everything at Warner Law Offices.

She oversees the day-to-day administrative functions of Warner Law Offices’ operations and serves as a liaison with the firm’s office services, human resources, information systems, and accounting departments.

Jennifer grew up in St. Albans, West Virginia. Still resides there with her husband, Brian, and children, Caleb, Kailee, and Sayda. She also has two step-children, Christopher and Brianna, and 7 grandchildren.

Graduated from St. Albans High School in 1993. She attended West Virginia State University and started out her career in banking before coming to Warner Law Offices.

In her spare time, Jennifer can be found on the softball and lacrosse fields cheering on her children.

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