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West Virginia Logging Accident Injury Claims

West Virginia logging operations have been shown to be even more dangerous than coal mining in terms of the rate of workers’ compensation claims filed. Although recent state safety programs have achieved some reductions in the injuries suffered in West Virginia’s forests, many workers are still hurt every year in timber felling, cutting and hauling.

If you or a family member has been seriously hurt or killed in a logging accident, call an experienced personal injury lawyer at Warner Law Offices in Charleston, West Virginia.

Investigating The Circumstances Of Your Accident

Most logging accidents involve one or more of the following:

  • Crushing or blunt force injuries caused by dead or falling trees
  • Chain saw accidents
  • Falling rocks or slash from steep hillsides
  • Heavy equipment mishaps involving skidders, bulldozers or forklifts
  • Logging truck accidents

At Warner Law Offices, we will make a complete investigation of the circumstances of your accident to give you the best chance possible of collecting full compensation for your injuries. In some cases, we are able to establish that an employer is subject to deliberate intent liability for failing to take terrain or weather conditions into account. In other cases, we can seek products liability damages from the manufacturer or distributor of defective equipment. In all cases, we leave nothing to chance or guesswork in assembling proof of the defendant’s liability.

Common Logging-Related Injuries

Many of the injuries typical of logging accidents can be disabling, including:

At Warner Law Offices, we work closely with treating physicians, forensic medical professionals and care plan experts to make a complete and accurate presentation of the full range of your physical and economic losses. Our mission is to recover the money you need for your future treatment and rehabilitation as well as your present requirements.

Our attorneys also pursue wrongful death damages on behalf of the surviving families of those killed in logging accidents.

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