Birth Injury Treatment

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When an infant is injured at birth, damages can range in severity. There are many birth injuries, but some of the most common include brain damage, broken bones, nerve damage, skull fractures or soft spots, and oxygen deprivation.

Treatment Types

Treatment for birth injuries can vary depending on the type of injury the infant has sustained. Typical treatment for brain injuries may include:

Physical therapy

Many birth injuries such as Cerebral and Erb’s Palsy can be treated with physical therapy. Both injuries impact the strength of the infant, affecting their abilities to move normally. Children born with cerebral palsy rely on physical therapy heavily to develop skills like better balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Physical therapy also helps children with cerebral palsy walk more efficiently while enduring less pain.

Surgical Treatment

When infants sustain injuries at birth, sometimes surgery is the best recovery treatment. This is typically seen when suffering from severe nerve damage or skull fractures. One of the most common injuries requiring surgical treatment is nerve damage to the Brachial Plexus, which is caused by excessive stretching between the shoulder and head as the baby passes through the birth canal. Skull fractures are another common birth injury that may require surgical treatment. Sometimes if the fracture isn’t too severe, fractures may heal on their own, but surgery may be imperative when the fracture causes a hematoma or hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain). Other severe nerve damage injuries may also require surgery to repair the damage as much as possible.


When birth injuries can heal on their own, medical practitioners may suggest rest and medication as the best treatment. Pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-seizure medications are sometimes prescribed to make the healing process smoother and avoid episodes of unwanted seizing. Most people don’t know that botox is also a common form of medication doctors give babies after sustaining birth-related injuries. It is strategically injected into paralyzed muscles for babies who suffer from Erb’s and Cerebral Palsy.

Occupational Therapy

In instances where physical therapy isn’t beneficial, occupational therapy might be more successful when needing to heal from birth injuries. Occupational therapists can help disabled children with daily living activities such as using the bathroom, brushing their teeth, or even riding the bus. Some babies who suffer from birth injuries have emotional or behavioral challenges. In cases like such, cognitive behavioral therapy can be highly beneficial. Cognitive therapists can help the child control their emotions, manage impulses, and better socialize with other children.

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