Symptoms of Birth Injuries

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Identifying birth injuries can be challenging, especially when you aren’t sure what to be on the lookout for. In many cases, it’s common for symptoms not to begin to show until months or even years after delivery. There are, however, some signs that not only parents but doctors should be aware of:

  • Seizures occurring within 48 hours of birth
  • Failure to begin breathing immediately after delivery
  • Bruising, swelling, or abrasions on the child’s face, head, or shoulder
  • Infants need for CPR or a breathing tube
  • Limp arms, which indicate a lack of muscle tone

Missed Milestones

Developmental delays or missed milestones are another significant sign of birth injuries. These are particularly important for injuries that don’t show symptoms after labor. Milestones can include smiling, walking, teething and more. If your child is experiencing delayed or missing milestone expectations listed below, contact a medical professional right away.

Two Month Milestones

  • Smiling at people making gurgle-like noises
  • Following objects with their eyes
  • Making smoother arm and leg movements
  • Turning their head toward sounds they are hearing

Six Month Milestones

  • Responding to other’s emotions
  • Sitting up with no support
  • Rocking back and forth
  • Passing objects from one hand to another
  • Recognizing familiar faces

One Year Milestones

  • Trying to walk
  • Acting shy around strangers
  • Shaking their head
  • Pulling themselves to stand up
  • Playing games like “peek-a-boo”
  • Crying when a parent leaves the room
  • Waving

What To Do If I Suspect My Child Is Suffering from a Birth-Related Injury?

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