In many cases, a serious infection in an elderly person is passed off as an inevitable effect of aging. While the elderly are at greater risk for developing an infection, the cause often has nothing to do with the victim’s age. In a nursing home environment, it may be due to neglect.

At Warner Law Offices, our attorneys handle cases of nursing home neglect that result in serious injuries or death. If your loved one has died or suffered a serious injury due to bacterial sepsis, our lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. If the nursing home was negligent in caring for your loved one, you may be entitled to compensation.

The following are examples of neglect that can lead to bacterial sepsis or infection:

  • Bedsores caused by failure to reposition an immobile resident
  • Failure to maintain catheters, breathing tubes and other medical devices
  • Failure to monitor a patient following surgery
  • Failure to dispense prescribed antibiotics

In an elderly person, symptoms of bacterial infection may include confusion, chills or weakness. Your loved one may also breathe faster or have a darker skin appearance. Without prompt treatment and management, bacterial infection can cause organ failure and death.

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