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Whether FedEx truck accidents happen in your neighborhood or on the highway, they can result in serious injury. Dealing with the legal aftermath of a truck accident can feel impossible, especially when it involves a large company like FedEx. 

You don’t have to fight a huge corporation like FedEx alone. You need an experienced, compassionate attorney on your side. The top-tier FedEx truck accident lawyers at Warner Law Offices have the skills and expertise needed to tackle your truck accident case. We will fight to hold FedEx and other trucking companies fully accountable for the injuries they cause. Call (304) 345-6789 for a free case review.

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Why Choose Warner Law Offices to Handle Your FedEx Truck Accident Case?

In the aftermath of accidents involving FedEx trucks, you need to focus on your recovery. Each accident raises many legal questions. Our West Virginia personal injury lawyers can take charge of your case to find the answers and evidence needed to help you secure maximum compensation.

With decades of experience serving injury victims in Charleston and throughout West Virginia, founding partner Bobby Warner and our world-class legal team of FedEx truck accident attorneys have the skills and resources to help you secure the best possible outcome. 

Our case results and client testimonials speak for themselves. We have a strong track record of securing high-value verdicts and settlements on behalf of injury victims across the state, including $10 million for an auto accident victim and $5.5 million for a truck accident victim. Because we believe in giving back to the community we serve, we also donate actively to organizations doing good work in the area. 

If you are injured in a trucking accident, you do not have to face a colossal trucking corporation alone. Our award-winning trial lawyers strive to provide each client with the compassionate, individualized representation they deserve. You can rest assured that our FedEx truck accident lawyers in Charleston, WV, will handle your case with utmost care and attention.

Types of FedEx Truck Accidents Our Charleston Accident Attorneys Handle

FedEx operates one of the largest commercial trucking fleets on the continent. From small box trucks to 18-wheelers, our firm has handled numerous truck accidents, including those involving FedEx. Truck accident types we regularly see in our personal injury practice include:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on collisions in West Virginia
  • Wide-turn or jackknife accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Underride or override accidents
  • Accidents caused by failure to check blind spots
  • Tire blowouts
  • Accidents caused by improper maintenance 

The force involved in a crash with a FedEx truck often causes catastrophic injuries or death. No matter the circumstances, we are ready to conduct a thorough, independent investigation of your accident and build the strongest claim possible on your behalf.

"Warner Law Offices went above and beyond for me after my car accident. They settled my case quickly and kept in touch with me through the entire process. They got me way more money than I would have if I had tried to do it on my own. But the best part is that they took care of everything and I didn’t have to deal with the insurance company once. I got to focus on my therapy and getting myself back to 100%. I cannot say enough good things about this firm and the people that work there. If you want the best, call Warner!"

Common Causes of FedEx Truck Accidents

According to data from the FMCSA, the most common causes of FedEx collisions include:

  • Driver fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel – Truck drivers often operate their vehicles for long hours, leading to driver fatigue. Much like alcohol, exhaustion impairs judgment and reduces a driver’s ability to react to hazards on the road. 
  • Poor Training and Inexperience – Inadequate driver training and high turnover rates mean truck drivers are often minimally qualified. 
  • Unsafe loading or unbalanced cargo – Top heavy or shifting loads raise a truck’s rollover risk. Unsecured loads also can spill onto the road.
  • Pressing schedules – FedEx pressures drivers to meet quick delivery deadlines. This sometimes encourages drivers to speed, tailgate, multitask, and commit other acts of negligence on the road. 
  • Poor truck maintenance – Brake failure, worn tires, broken lights, and other mechanical defects can cause FedEx truck crashes. 

In many FedEx truck accident cases, multiple factors converge to cause a devastating collision. Our experienced West Virginia FedEx truck accident law firm will thoroughly investigate your accident to hold every liable party fully responsible.

Understanding Fault in FedEx Truck Accidents

Truck drivers are often liable for accidents, especially when they’re independent contractors working for FedEx. That said, though negligent drivers are often at fault, they are not the only potentially liable party. In fact, truck accident lawsuits are often characterized by their high number of potential at-fault parties. Other liable parties may include: 

  • Trucking Company – The company employing the truck driver may be liable for inadequate training, overloaded delivery schedules, failure to maintain their vehicles properly, and more. 
  • Maintenance Crews – If a third-party company is responsible for maintaining the truck and its components, liability may fall on them if mechanical failure or lack of maintenance causes the accident. 
  • Manufacturers – If a defect in the truck or its parts contributes to the accident, the manufacturer may be held liable for product liability. 
  • Shippers and Cargo Loaders – Improper loading or unsecured cargo can cause accidents, making the entities responsible for loading and securing the cargo potentially liable. 

At Warner Law Offices, we know how insurance companies and corporations operate when sued. FedEx is a large corporation with hefty insurance policies, a team of attorneys, and plenty of money to defend against accident victims’ claims for compensation. 

Depending on the truck in question, FedEx truck insurance provides at least $1,000,000 in coverage in the event of an accident, but the company’s insurers will make you prove every penny of your damages before compensating you. FedEx will rarely, if ever, accept liability for truck accidents, even if they are entirely at fault.  

However, denying liability isn’t FedEx’s only defense tactic. They also exploit the filing deadline set by the statute of limitations. The West Virginia statute of limitations gives individuals injured in accidents two years from the injury date to initiate a claim for personal injury. 

Hiring a qualified FedEx truck accident lawyer is the best way to make sure you file before the deadline passes and that you leave no money on the table. Do not wait to take legal action.

What to Do After a FedEx Truck Accident in Charleston, WV

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident with a FedEx truck in Charleston or anywhere in West Virginia, you may be able to file a lawsuit against FedEx. Taking quick action is critical to protect your rights to compensation. Take the following steps after a crash:

  • Collect all available evidence – Photograph the scene, vehicles, license plates, cargo, and your injuries. This evidence helps prove liability and damages.
  • Get contact information from witnesses – Witness accounts help prove fault. Gather their contact information at the scene if possible. 
  • Report the crash to the police – Notify the appropriate authorities so they can prepare an accident report and provide emergency assistance if needed.
  • Seek immediate medical care – Even if you don’t think you were hurt, seek medical help. Some injuries take days or weeks to manifest symptoms, and getting prompt treatment will also ensure your injuries are documented as evidence for your case.
  • Keep track of documents – Keep an organized record of anything related to your accident, including medical bills and expenses, vehicle repair or replacement costs, and any other expense resulting directly from the collision. 
  • Consult a qualified FedEx truck accident attorney as soon as possible – Our FedEx truck accident lawyers will launch an independent investigation of the incident to protect your rights.

Lastly, focus on recovery and let our seasoned lawyers take care of the rest. We will handle communications with FedEx, insurers, and all parties on your behalf. To learn more about the legal claims process and your rights, visit our blog to read informative articles regarding a wide variety of personal injury topics.

FedEx Truck Accident Statistics

While FedEx emphasizes safety in its brand messaging, official data reveals the company is involved in thousands of trucking accidents yearly. According to FMCSA data, FedEx Ground Trucks were involved in 2,746 crashes over the last two years, while FedEx Freight Trucks were in 350 crashes. The FMCSA further reports that 18 percent of FedEx Ground Trucks and 5.6 percent of FedEx Freight Trucks were recently taken out of service while undergoing vehicle inspections.

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