NuvaRing, A Defective Medical Device, Can Cause Blood Clots

For consumers in West Virginia, and throughout the country, family planning is important. Many individuals rely on a contraceptive device or pill when it comes to getting pregnant — or not getting pregnant. Patients put their faith in manufacturers that create these contraceptive devices, such as NuvaRing, and expect them to provide adequate contraception while being safe for use. Unfortunately for many consumers, including one Olympic hopeful, NuvaRing allegedly failed to provide the necessary standard of care and is now the subject of numerous products liability lawsuits that deem it a defective medical device.

One woman was in the absolute best shape of her life and was ready to begin her journey to the Olympics as a skeleton skater. Unfortunately, she began using NuvaRing in 2012 and began experiencing side effects in less than two weeks. Though she was aware of the potential side effects of the contraceptive device, she didn’t expect them to be an issue for her since she was incredibly healthy and fit.

Unfortunately, as she was training, she knew something was wrong when she couldn’t breathe right. After seeing numerous physicians, she learned that she had developed a large amount of blood clots in her lungs. She ended up being diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, which is said to be a result of the NuvaRing birth control device.

Sadly, she missed her chance at participating in the 2014 Olympics. If she decides to have children in the future, any pregnancy would be considered high risk from the get-go. All in all, her life was simply turned upside down due to a defective medical device that she expected to be not only effective, but safe as well. The athlete has joined a lawsuit along with numerous consumers across the country against the manufacturer; in which the plaintiffs are seeking damages for the manufacturer’s negligence in the design, failure to warn and more. For those in West Virginia who have experienced injury due to the NuvaRing device or another type of medical device, they may consider the benefits of seeking the various legal options that are at their disposal in order to potentially recover compensatory damages.

Source:, US athlete says she missed shot at Olympics because of blood clots from contraceptive device, Thaddeus Baklinski, Feb. 21, 2014

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