Spinal Cord Injury Victims Could Receive Help From E-Dura Implant

Researchers are already familiar with how they can stimulate a person’s spinal cord and brain in order to treat different neurological conditions. However, it has been hard to produce implants that will work long-term without harming nearby tissue. Paralyzed spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia may be encouraged to learn that a new flexible neural implant has been developed that may stimulate neurons in various environments both chemically and electrically and thus enable them to move again.

The device is called an e-Dura implant. It has many electronic tracks that are made from gold and can flex and stretch, and it also contains a particular microfluidic channel that can be used to administer medication to a patient. The gold tracks’ tips feature electrodes that are made from platinum/silicon microbeads and are also flexible.

The implant is known to withstand a large number of stretches and has worked effectively in helping mice to walk again. In fact, the device performed well for several weeks at a given time. The technology is providing hope to individuals who are paralyzed as a result of damage to their spinal cords.

When people in West Virginia suffer spinal cord injury, this may result in paralysis of their limbs or even incontinence. Thus, their quality of life can be dramatically affected. If one’s injury stemmed from someone else’s careless behavior, such as negligent or reckless driving, the victim has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit, seeking damages. If awarded, the damages may help the patient to cover his or her ongoing medical costs, loss of wages and other expenses associated with his or her spinal cord injury.

Source: medgadget.com, “Next Generation Neural Implants Let Mice with Spinal Cord Injuries Walk Again (VIDEO)“, Jan. 9, 2015


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