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Racial Harassment

Racial harassment is a degrading experience. When it occurs in the workplace, it is also illegal. As the victim of racial harassment, you may have access to specific remedies under state and federal law.

At the Warner Law, our attorneys represent people who have encountered unlawful discrimination, retaliation and harassment in the workplace. Over the years, we developed a strong reputation for our successful advocacy for people who have been injured by the wrongful action of others.

Racial harassment can take many forms in the workplace. The following are some examples:

  • Verbal harassment of a racial nature, such as offensive jokes, remarks or name-calling
  • Physical harassment such as touching you in an offensive or unwanted manner
  • Subjecting you to offensive pictures or objects, such as a noose
  • Offensive emails

A single remark may not be considered harassment under the law. However, if the conduct is severe or pervasive to the point that it creates a hostile environment that interferes with your work performance, it may be considered illegal racial harassment.

You should never allow a work problem to linger with the hope that it will go away. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has specific deadlines, after which you will lose the right to file a harassment or discrimination claim.

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